Featured Resource: What Missionaries Ought to Know about Suffering

Grow2serve partners, MissionaryCare.com and CrossCulturalWorkers.com., provide missions and mental health resources. Ron & Bonnie Kotesky are retired member care consultants with Go International who provide member care for missionaries in their home, on the field, through orientation and debriefing events and over the Internet and radio.

As you think about some of your fellow missionaries, you realize that many of them are suffering greatly.

  • One man has been in constant physical pain for years because of a problem with his back.
  • A woman had a small fortune when she came to serve, but poor financial decisions by friends back home have left her virtually penniless.
  • One couple worries constantly about their wayward son who is living as a street person back in their passport country.
  • Another couple receives many heart-rending e-mails from their daughter living with a man to whom she is not married.
  • Yet another couple cannot forgive themselves because their teenage daughter was molested by a national years ago.
  • After nearly two decades of service, a missionary family sees its influence nearly wiped out when a cult comes in.

The list could go on and on.  How could it be that faithful missionaries could… CONTINUE READING (DOWNLOAD PDF)

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