Featured Resource: What Missionaries Ought to Know about Guilt

Grow2serve partners, MissionaryCare.com and CrossCulturalWorkers.com., provide missions and mental health resources. Ron & Bonnie Kotesky are retired member care consultants with Go International who provide member care for missionaries in their home, on the field, through orientation and debriefing events and over the Internet and radio.

Lately you have been feeling guilty, but are not sure why. People are suffering. They are dying without Christ. Your work seems to make little difference. You are having difficulty maintaining a consistent devotional life. You just feel guilty about so many things that it is interfering with your work. You begin to wonder if you are guilty. Why do you feel so guilty? Isn’t guilt bad? What can you do about feeling so guilty? What if the feelings don’t go away? Let us consider some of these questions.

Am I guilty?

This is the crucial question. All possible combinations of guilt and guilt feelings are possible. You may be guilty and not feel guilty, you may feel guilty and not be guilty, or you… (CONTINUE READING)

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