Book Review: THE VOICE OF THE HEART – A Call to Full Living by Chip Dodd

A COMMENTARY ON THE VOICE OF THE HEART: A Call to Full Living by Chip Dodd. This book review was written by Hank Griffith of South Suburban Evangelical Free Church in Apple Valley, Minnesota.

This is not the kind of book I normally read, but it was given to me by a friend I respect, so I thought I should look at it. At first I had trouble feeling comfortable with what I was reading. The book was written by Chip Dodd, a veteran Christian psychologist in Nashville, and it came highly recommended by the likes of evangelist Franklin Graham and psychologist Dan Allender, author of The Wounded Heart.

My skepticism was only enhanced when I realized the author was challenging me to listen to my heart. I reacted to this because I know my own heart, and it isn’t always pretty. In addition, I remembered that Jeremiah clearly declared, “The heart is deceitful above(CONTINUE READING)

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