healthy conflict

What part does healthy conflict play in your team?

Ken Guenther, one of my dearest colleagues and longest partners with Grow2Serve, just blessed us all with a clever list of 5 extremely important things we’ll lose if we avoid conflict in our teams. Take a look at Ken’s most recent SEND U Blog post:

The SEND U Blog is one of our featured resources on the site and is one of my favorite sources for challenging and encouraging my thinking. Check it out here:

You may also want to visit the SEND U wiki where they have amassed a great collection of all kinds of missionary learning resources:

I’m really grateful for the amazing working relationship that God has given us with SEND International and I deeply respect them for their desire and commitment to openly and actively serve the broader Great Commission community! Thanks, Ken, and your whole team.

I'm a Christ-follower, a husband, a dad, a member of my community (Apple Valley, MN) and with a little of the rest of my time I help out as the senior director of Grow2Serve.

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