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A Very International Day

Julie and I met for prayer and encouragement with our friends, Dave and Lynn, last night.  As we were recounting our last couple of days, we were really struck by how international of an experience it had been.  Here’s some of the conversation:

Julie was on Zoom today with a couple of facilitators she’s training – one in Spain and one in Thailand.   

We had a meeting yesterday with one man in Panama who shared that due to Covid 19, men are allowed to go out only on M-W-F, while his wife and other women can go out on Tu-Th-S! 

A field leader in another meeting that same day said that he isn’t allowed to go out with his car on Tuesdays because his license plate starts with a “C.”

It is exciting that a leader of a missionary training center in Mexico was talking to me today about how we may be able to help them transform their classroom program into an online format.

We also mentioned that the Parenting Third Culture Kids course we’re currently facilitating has 7 learners in it connecting from 4 different countries and representing 5 different ministry organizations.

All of these had taken place in a span of about 24 hours!  And all of them made possible by our ability to connect from a distance using technology.

This is pretty typical for us.  It is the world that we live in and a world that we’re really enjoying.

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