Three Reasons (for Grow2Serve’s Network Site)

It was an exhilarating time when we first launched the Great Commission Learning Network website in 2016. This idea had been on our hearts for years, and while we had done several short attempts earlier, nothing really took off in the early years. Despite this, we knew we wanted to provide not only a communication network for the missionary trainer community, but also to help serve missionaries on the field through continued learning. We dreamed of a one-stop shopping place for missionaries to easily find new learning materials, content that would grow them and teach them right where they were. And what would make this site so exceptional would be that it not only would have quality resources available and be easily accessible, but also that these missionary learning resources would come from a wide variety of partner providers, each of whom represents excellence in different areas and different spheres of influence.

So when we first launched the Great Commission Learning Network, there were three primary reasons that motivated us in our work. The first was to make it possible for learners across the world to find materials they need right when they need them. This would enable a realistic process of just-in-time learning, connecting learners to content quickly and efficiently. Second, we wanted to make it possible for mission organizations that provide learning materials to a broad audience to be able to advertise and share their content with missionaries from any organization. This would tear down denominational and regional barriers, making valuable information accessible in one place for everyone. And the third reason started out as a side-benefit but turned out to be quite marvelous in its own right. The Grow2Serve network was designed to create a communal resource site that allows learning providers and trainers from different organizations to learn from one another, becoming aware of what each other are doing, and growing together as a true, singular Body of Christ. These are the really the three reasons that motivated us as a team to launch and administer the Great Commission Learning Network. In later posts plans are to further unpack each of these reasons in a bit more detail. Stay subscribed for more!

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