Meet Amberle

Hello! I’m Amberle Danielson and I currently work as Grow2Serve’s intern. I primarily edit the course and site content, but I also write blogs for the site.

I first heard of Grow2Serve through my work at Crown College. I work at Crown College as a graduate assistant for the online program, and my boss mentioned an internship opportunity with an nonprofit organization. After talking with Julie and Mark, I was excited to join the team. Based on my current trajectory with Crown and Grow2Serve, I believe God is preparing me for a career in online academic administration. My work with Grow2Serve so far has allowed me to tie my past experience on the missions field to my current experience with academic administration. With Grow2Serve, I am able to fulfill my passion of serving and supporting missionaries all over the globe who follow Christ’s Great Commission.

I grew up on the missions field, in Cambodia, where my parents have served (and continue to serve) as medical missionaries for over 15 years now. While they call Louisiana home when stateside, I have since moved north to Minnesota to settle down, far from the heat and humidity. In Minnesota, I graduated from Crown College with an B.A. in English, and married a country mechanic. Shortly after, we moved onto a farm in the Minnesotan countryside and currently live in a tiny home, 16 x 24ft, in the country with our German Shepherd and kitten. It can be a little tight in the winter. To occupy my days, I work as the curriculum developer for Crown’s School of Online Studies/Graduate Studies, study to finish my M.A. in Organizational Leadership, write for Grow2Serve, and manage a housecleaning business on the side.

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