Searching for the Right Stuff

The majority of a person’s learning happens on an immediate basis. In our day-to-day life, something grabs our attention and we research it right away, learning the new information at the moment that we become interested in it. But with the plethora of answers available online today, finding a source that both answers your question and addresses it from a compatible worldview can be difficult. If you’re searching for the meaning of life, you probably won’t find an article written by a Buddhist monk on enlightenment to be particularly helpful.

Recently I came across the story of a young missionary, new to the field, who found herself anxious to learn more about her foreign surroundings and her new position as a missionary. In the tried and ‘true’ manner, she spent countless of fruitless hours browsing the internet, looking for a scrap of even-slightly applicable information. Sound familiar? Sadly, this young missionary’s story isn’t just hers. Too often missionaries struggle alone, wanting to learn but lacking relevant source material. They can find themselves desperate for any information that might help them better understanding their new environments. Unfortunately, while the internet is a proven asset for the transferal of most generalized knowledge, it can be a difficult tool for missionaries to use when searching for reliable, relevant material from a Christian perspective.  

Because of this, the Grow2Serve library has worked hard to offer only relevant resources from reliable partners. We know that you, as members of the evangelical missions community, share similar values and objectives with the evangelical partners that contribute to our resource library. The information we offer is specifically geared towards serving missionaries, at home and abroad. What’s more, Grow2Serve’s resource bank is also a valuable source for leaders or coaches seeking to help missionaries in their growth progress. Using Grow2Serve, missionaries can find information on marriage overseas, embracing new cultures, and dealing with culture shock. Leaders or coaches can use the site to find audios, articles, videos, or even courses to share with their missionary mentees as they work through difficult subjects. These resources can help progress their conversations, offering reliable insight based on experience and expertise.

It’s oddly easy to find yourself lost in the sheer amount of information made public today. Grow2Serve helps people find the right stuff with the right values at the right time, so they in turn can help those around them.

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