Featured Resource: How to Flourish through “The First 30 Daze” in a New Culture

This blog post on International Mission Board (IMB), written by Ricky Don Wilhelm, presents a book review on The First 30 Daze: Practical Encouragement for Living Abroad Intentionally written by Larry and Susan McCrary. This book is a 30-day devotional that uses interactive ways to apply what you learn in the first 30 days of being in a new culture. This book is good for those who are working, living, or traveling in another country.

Many Christians have embarked on the adventure of life overseas but haven’t lasted long enough to tell much of a tale. A rough start is often the reason why. Finally, however, there’s a guide for a healthy beginning. In First 30 Daze, Larry and Susan McCrary provide Christian expats a helpful one-month guide for starting off on the right foot in their new host cultures.

The practical devotional-style book provides thirty daily Scripture references and topics about living abroad, followed by assignments for application to help the sojourner intentionally find his… (CONTINUE READING)

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