The adjustments and readjustments of having a husband that travels

Dancing Through Transitions, written by Nikki Bremner, is about the adjustments and readjustments of having a husband that travels. This post was originally posted in the Women’s Development Track Blog. A Collaborative Network of Development Resources to Cultivate Potential in Women of the Great Commission Community. WDT, Grow2Serve’s partner, serves the Great Commission community by collecting development resources and experiences that promote the long-term well-being and effectiveness of  women as missionaries and church workers in a variety of roles and seasons of life.  While many continuing education opportunities are widely available for both men and women, it is often in a dedicated, relational, women to women setting that more servants of the gospel are launched into enhanced ministry as they find accessible avenues into development opportunities that are relevant and confidence-building.


My husband and I worked for sixteen years as church planters in rural South America.  The church was based out of our home, as was his veterinary ministry, and I home-schooled the kids there as well.  We truly lived and worked together in every area of life.

Then we made a move to the USA, which was not “home” to either of us.  Not only was his leadership position not mine, but he also traveled a huge amount, often leaving me to cope with three tempestuous teenagers. Furthermore, I was battling depression, which… (CONTINUE READING).

For almost nine years, God has been using me in the MEDIA ministry as a short documentary film producer. I am also a visual artist; an impressionist doing mostly impasto artworks with oil paint as my main medium. God lead me to Grow2Serve where I work as an administrative assistant to our Senior Director, Mark Morgenstern.

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