Featured Resource: Reinterpreting Contextualization

Grow2serve partner, The Honor-Shame Network, seeks to integrate and apply insights about honor & shame for God’s global mission at various levels. The informal network involves Christian leaders serving in various regions of the world. 


“All theology is contextualized theology.” This has emerged as something of a dictum among many missiologists and theologians. We all come to Scripture with our limited worldviews and varying assumptions. In light of these realities, the opening session will examine common evangelical views about contextualization, which is largely regarded as application and communication. I suggest that a holistic approach to contextualization has a more foundational starting point––biblical interpretation. In the process, I offer a few criteria for healthy contextualization. Also, I will address an important preliminary concern––the relationship between culture and the Bible.


For almost nine years, God has been using me in the MEDIA ministry as a short documentary film producer. I am also a visual artist; an impressionist doing mostly impasto artworks with oil paint as my main medium. God lead me to Grow2Serve where I work as an administrative assistant to our Senior Director, Mark Morgenstern.

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