Featured Resource: Ten Tips for Learning a New Language

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Learning a new language? Learning a new language can be hard, this resource has 10 great tips on how to learn your new language.

  1. Understand that success in language acquisition does not occur because of intelligence, or even mostly because someone is a “good language learner”. Success in language acquisitions occurs when certain conditions, experiences and behaviors are present. Some of these are highlighted in this list.
  2. Receive comprehensible input. This means that you can understand what you hear. The comprehension might occur because visuals or gestures are used alongside oral language. It might occur because someone is speaking slowly and clearly. It always requires an abundance of use of previously learned language, and few new words and structures.
  3. Limit exposure to incomprehensible Hearing lots of language that you do not understand (such as having the TV on all day to hear the new language) is often more discouraging than it is helpful.
  4. Do expose yourself to as much language as possible at your language level. For example, beginners can label items around the house using the new language, and program their phones with wake-up and other messages throughout the day, in the new language. Such passive exposure can support active language learning.


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