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Building Bridges with English

Where I live many people believe that if you can speak English you can teach English. This belief often leads to English classes that are not high quality and many Cambodians who can speak some English but cannot speak it well. This sparked my passion for wanting to equip would-be English teachers with tools to offer high quality English classes to the people they serve.

My name is Kayle Hardrick. I am a facilitator here at Grow2Serve. I live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I am also a teacher. I have an elementary license for two states in America, and my TESOL endorsement for teaching English as a second language. (Also known as LDE, ESL etc.) I really enjoy facilitating the Building Bridges with English Course (BBE) because I think it is so crucial for ministries to offer high quality English classes when they are using English classes as a bridge for sharing the Gospel in their communities. BBE gives me a chance to multiply what I have learned about teaching English in a powerful way for the spread of the gospel.

In BBE we explore ethics of teaching English, how our brains work when learning a language, ways we learn best, and how to choose the right materials and curriculum for your students depending on the goals of the class. If you were to search for tools online for teaching English, the options can be overwhelming.  In this course we will also explore what makes good curriculum or resources for the classes you are teaching. When we do something in the name of Jesus it should be high quality, and this course is designed to help you do just that.

One other angle of this course is to get you thinking about how to go from an English teacher/student relationship to a relationship where you can share the Gospel with your students. This is done by helping you write your testimony in simplified English and reading testimonies from people sharing the Gospel in their English classes or one on one with their English students.

If you are about to embark on English courses as an outreach for your organization anywhere in the world, I highly recommend this course to equip you to be able to do it well.

Visit to find out more about the Building Bridges with English online course.

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