Collaborating is a Lot of Fun

The last 9 months have given Grow2Serve some exciting opportunities for collaboration with several new partner organizations. One of those is Multiply and we’d like to thank Randy Friesen, the president of Multiply, for sharing with us some words of encouragement.

Collaborating with Grow2Serve to develop tailored online learning for both the Church and our global workers has been a lot of fun!  When Covid-19 isolated us in our homes in March, we quickly gathered a design team from around the world to help develop an equipping course for both our mission workers but also Christians everywhere who were wondering how to respond to the pandemic.  Our particular focus was how to live on mission in times of crisis.   Mark and Julie coached us through the process with skill and humor.  I took personal interest in this project, both to better understand the online learning model in this new season of social isolation, but also because I wanted to model for our global mission family that lifelong learning is essential for all of us.  

Our first experience with the Grow2Serve team was through their resiliency course for global workers.  We realized that cohorts of people can learn together despite living in many different time zones.  The format allowed for personal reflection, group chats, inspirational videos, video interaction and practical application exercises.  

As we developed our own course together, we brought together learning cohorts which included many different ages, cultures, life backgrounds, and contexts.  We realized one of the unique features of online learning was the way barriers were transcended and people came together around a relevant theme.  Our experience has been so positive we are now developing our second course with probably more to follow.

Thank you Grow2Serve for being available to serve the global Church!

Randy Friesen

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