Entrusted by God

Since our beginnings, we at Grow2Serve have understood our ministry as a kind of trust. We have a unique mission, unique because of the specific resources that God has placed at our disposal. Because of the abilities He’s gifted us with, our relationships with one another, our ideas, our past (and present) experiences, our learning. All of these pour into and shape our ministry. And it’s this blend that creates the distinct mission that God has entrusted to us.

The easy part of ministry is recognizing what God has handed us. The harder part is being faithful with that.

In the parable of the talents, three different servants were entrusted with different items, different responsibilities. Each was assigned on a different level — some with much, some with little. What was similar was the master’s expectation that they each would act responsibly with what they’d been given. That they would rise to the occasion and justify the trust placed in them.

At Grow2Serve, we strive to keep a clear view of all that’s been entrusted to us so that we can best use it for the glory of God. We search for opportunities, for wise investments to pursue, moving forward in faithfulness. And in our forward motion, we work to acknowledge both God’s gifts and our responsibilities which are tied to those gifts. In this way, we hope to do our part in His broader work on this earth.

How do you justify God’s trust? How do you use what’s been given to you? Do you act on opportunities, doing your best to serve faithfully? Do you actively own your gifts and responsibilities in order to please and honor the One from whom they came? Really the only other option is that you have lost track of what you’ve been given, what you’ve been entrusted with, and so neglect to fulfill the will of your Master.

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