Knowledge, Beliefs, Skills

If you could use only three words to guide you in conceptualizing the process of developing the whole person as a disciple of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission, what would those three words be? What does every disciple need to ____, ____, and _____  to fulfill the Great Commission?

Knowledge Beliefs Skills

Grow2Serve’s mission is to “bring timely and accessible learning to grow missionaries, ministers, and churches in knowledgebeliefs, and skills to learn and teach better”. Our three words are knowledge, beliefs, and skills. For our partner, Center for Intercultural Training, the three words are: KNOW, BE, DO. For the Navigators and many others, it’s HEAD, HEART, HANDS. In the secular training world, they are often known as KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDES, and SKILLS. All of these capture fundamentally the same meaning, while giving structure in creating transformative learning.

Grow2Serve partners with numerous mission organizations and churches to provide growth opportunities in knowledge, beliefs, and skills to help missionaries, ministers, and churches be effective in going and sending. Our thinking process constantly includes, “What do Christian trainers, churches, missionaries, and ministers need to know, believe, and do to train Christians and engage in fulfilling the Great Commission?”

What Biblical knowledge and other knowledge should they learn from various fields of research such as anthropology, adult learning, and cross-cultural communication?

What beliefs will shape their character into a godly character and move them to abide in Christ? What beliefs will help those who minister as they encounter temptation, hardships, and loss? What awareness and critical reflection is needed about assumptions that have shaped our views on discipling, church planting, church, cross-cultural evangelism, teaching, and even self?

What skills and actions do they need to have and take to fulfill the Great Commission? For instance, language learning skills are prudent for helping missionaries learn a language faster in order to live and share the Gospel cross-culturally. What better way to show a people God’s love for them than in their own heart language?

At Grow2Serve our goal is to provide disciples with growth opportunities in knowledge, beliefs, and possibly even skills; and thus help equip them for fulfilling the Great Commission.

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