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Hungry for More: Feasting Through the Word – Online Course

Online Course - Group
  • Approximate Time Commitment: 57 hours
  • Length: 11 weeks
  • Dates: Add your name to the interest list for future dates

What are you hungry for? Really—What is your deepest desire? The stories and biblical truths in Hungry for More online course will help you connect to the Abundant Source who can fulfill your craving for deep satisfaction. This online course is based on Kandy Persall’s book about her life experiences and years of face-time before God, with insights that will inspire you to feast on God’s Word—the nourishment for our spiritual hunger. Her life lessons and God connections during twenty years of living in Asia set the table for applying God’s Word to our daily lives. Rather than being just another book that nibbles on God’s Word, Hungry for More online course forms an online community and guides you to the banquet to find real nourishment. Pull up a chair to the table. The feast is ready.

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Resource Description

Throughout this online course, you’ll immerse yourself into the gospels in your own personal time with the Father. You’ll have the opportunity to build community with other women in similar situations and share life with them. With gained confidence in God’s desire to speak and hear, you will be hungry to continue in His Word after you finish the Hungry for More online course. At the end of the course, you’ll be challenged to read through the New Testament twice over the course of the next two months, opening yourself to renewed Truth.

This online course provides a personal refresher to re-exhilarate, re-invigorate and re-stimulate a Christian’s interest in God’s Word. If you’re in your own spiritual winter and are needing to thaw out, this course is perfect for you. The author and course creator uses personal illustrations and prayers from her own quiet time journal and invites readers to learn from her mistakes during her twenty years of missionary service.

About the Author and Course Creator

Author, speaker and humorist Kandy Persall and her husband Mark spent twenty years living as foreigners in Asia.

An avid writer, Kandy has written for several magazines as well as contributed to both volumes of Beth Moore’s books Voices of the Faithful. Kandy’s first book, Hungry For More: Feasting through the Word is a compilation of her quiet time notes while living overseas. This summer, she and her husband just published their first book together: Hungry For More: Marital Intimacy. Kandy continues to share her journal twice a week through her own website, http://hungryformore.org, as well as through guest postings on LifeWay, ThriveConnection, and other sites.

Kandy has a bachelor’s degree in communication from Texas Tech University and a Mandarin language certificate from the Jin Shin Huei Language Institute of Taipei, Taiwan. She now speaks and mentors throughout the United States to help individuals find what they are truly hungry for.

Kandy and Mark make their home in Lubbock, Texas. They are parents of two married daughters and have six grandchildren.

Course Outcomes

This course desires to:

  • offer spiritual refreshment
  • increase your spiritual hunger
  • foster community among participants scattered around the world
  • prepare you to desire His Word on your own after completion.

Course Description

Hungry for More (online) was designed with you in mind. Written from the heart of a missionary, it is meant to help you not only connect with God more effectively but also with others who also hunger and thirst for His Word. Knowing the need for community first hand, the author provides a distance format to allow you to become body with other participants.

The course will run a total of 11 weeks (including the Course Orientation) and will cover these main topics:

  • Week 0 – Course Orientation
  • Week 1 – The Reality, Spirit and Life in His Word
  • Week 2 – Listening and Following the Revelation of the Word
  • Week 3 – The Influence, Leading and Authority of the Word
  • Week 4 – The Attraction and Provision of the Word; How our Soul Fits In
  • Week 5 – Requesting of the Word; Endurance and the Flesh
  • Week 6 – Power, Prayer and Faith in the Word
  • Week 7 – The Image and Needed Dependence on the Word; How We View Others
  • Week 8 – Discernment, Seed-Corn and Waiting on the Word
  • Week 9 – People Pleasing, Kingdom Living and Purification by the Word
  • Week 10 – Moving Forth in the Word and Wrap-Up

Course Materials

We will be using the following over the length of the online course:

  1. Hungry For More: Feasting through the Word by Kandy Persall.  You can get the book here. Both paperback and ebook versions are available on Amazon.
  2. The Bible – you may select your preferred version and are encouraged to use several.

Any other readings will be available on the course site. We will read the entire Hungry for More book over the course, using both it and the Word of God to guide our weekly discussions.

Course Mechanics

The personal success of this course will depend on your willingness to reflect daily in solitude and to interact vulnerably with others weekly. Options for interaction will include not only class time, but also online forums and one-on-one communication which you initiate with those you desire to know better.

Don’t be afraid to articulate your unique ideas, think critically, or ask challenging questions of others in a godly manner. Of course, your words of encouragement to fellow participants are always welcome.


1 review for Hungry for More: Feasting Through the Word – Online Course

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Terri Raimundo

    I really enjoyed reading through Kandy’s book with the online Bible study class and also gaining the insights with Kandy herself. This was an insightful and helpful journey, and very enjoyable learning curve on the Gospels and delight of the Word in fellowship. Alone, through the week with the Word and the Father, and on our study date, with fellowship and resources to talk over with Kandy and ladies. It was a fun and true spiritual journey! The resources provided each week on the web were perfect, and the insights gained from the others taking the course was valuable too. I really feel like the book and class fulfilled its purpose to feast of Christ. I loved getting to know Kandy. It was great to meet the author in this way. Thanks, Kandy! I never felt intimidated; instead I was drawn to grow in the Word and in love with the Word. With so many other books to read, I felt like committing to the class kept me at least reading the Scriptures the book suggests to read, and though I did not look at all of the many wonderful other suggested resources, I did most, and I loved each time I could. This study gave me a renewed commitment and love for the living breathing Word. The class also challenged me to continue to grow and reflect on His grace and further feasting in the Word! It has been a wonderful highlight to my weeks. I thank Kandy and all you ladies.

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